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Day 9 of my Detox… Still going Strong!

Day 9 of my Detox… Still going Strong!

It’s day 9 of my cleanse/detox and I’m felling great! Loads of energy. So far I have removed 9.2 lbs resulting in a loss of 2% body fat and a gain of almost 1% muscle mass. I have one of these fancy scales that tells me these numbers. We got our scale on amazon. My bone density went up a slight bit as well. This has been an amazing journey and I still have two more days of eating these nutrient dense green supper foods. The key to staying strong and not cheating for me was to focus on the example I’m being for others. See, our friends are always watching us. I’m getting a lot of encouragement as I am posting my journey on FB too. On day 11 I’ll post my before and after photo. Most of my meals are green shakes/smoothies. When I do have solid food it is things like steamed broccoli, induction cooked salmon (wild caught) and organic quinoa. But this is all regulated¬†by the program I am following. For exact details on what program I’m doing send me an email to


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