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How Mark Lost 91 Pounds

How Mark Lost 91 Pounds

Mark has lost 91 pounds so far and is continuing to lose weight.  His story is that he was physically active and weighed about 240 pounds several years ago.  Then he had a career disappointment and put on weight.  He ate fast foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and gained 200 pounds in 2 years.  After he got married and he decided it was his time to lose weight.


How Mark Lost Weight

Mark came to see me for weight loss counseling and proved that it’s possible to lose weight by taking consistent action with the right program.  He’s swimming an hour every day, recording his food, and eating smaller portions.  His lab values have improved dramatically. Mark says that his diet is now healthier because of his work with me. He’s on his way to his next goal of losing 100 pounds.  Check out this video and see what Mark has to say about how he lost weight by working with me.

It thrills me to be able to tell you about Mark.  Why?  Because helping people like Mark is what I live to do.  My passion is helping people get healthy and stay healthy by slaying their Weight Loss Dragon and losing weight.  I left a handsome salary with the federal government to live on purpose.

I’m getting outstanding results with Mark and many other clients. Now, I want to help even more people achieve their goals.  That’s why I’m sharing with you that I have 2 small group weight loss programs beginning on Jan. 26 and 27.  There are only a few spots left for each program. Please pass the word. Find out how to reserve your space today by clicking here.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of the Wellness101 community and connect with all of you! Looking forward to seeing you on Jan. 29 where I’ll be one of the featured speakers.  I can’t wait to meet you there!

Best wishes to you!

Kay Loughrey, RDN, LDN, MPH

Lifestyle and Behavior Expert, Nutritionist, Weight Loss Dragon Slayer

Kay Loughrey

Kay Loughrey is in the transformation business – personal and physical. She brings her clients the clarity, confidence, and direction to realize their vision for a bigger future. Kay shows clients how to transform their mindset, habits, and lifestyle for personal and professional peak performance. Kay is a nationally known lifestyle expert, behavioral coach and Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist. She has received national awards for contributing to America’s health and wellness. Today, Kay offers behavior and lifestyle coaching through her deliciously designed SWEET LIFE WELLNESS Programs. Kay has practiced exactly what she preaches, stopping years of her own yoyo dieting. Now she shares her secrets on how to break free from painful habits and be your vital self. Her clients are realizing fantastic results. Clients have lost 25 – 70 pounds working with Kay and have seen dramatic improvements in lab values. Clients are remarking on their progress. A client recently exclaimed, “Kay, You have saved my life!” Learn more at:

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