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Why Life Can Be a Struggle

Why Life Can Be a Struggle

WHY LIFE CAN BE A STRUGGLE: Being congruent internally and externally is one of the keys to an ease-filled life. Yet most people are not aware of this, because they constantly say they want one thing and consistently do another. They are not in sync with themselves so therefore, life does not “sync up” with them. They draw obstacles and challenges daily because of it and are in a constant battle with themselves both internally and externally.

We as a human race can be masters of delusion when it comes to who we think we are and who we really are. We believe what we say about ourselves, even if it’s not true. Is it time to get real about who you are and what you value in your life? Accept yourself, be congruent, and your life will be less of a struggle, more of a joy, and most importantly more fulfilling.


SIDE NOTE: Easy to say, hard to do… I know, but take a look at what you are saying and showing the world – does it match up?

For example, you often say: “Health is important. I value my health.”
BUT, you eat healthy once a week and do yoga/exercise once a week. The other 26 days you pick up fast food, eat bon-bons in bed.
THE REALITY: You value “ease” – and that’s OK!

Another example, you often say: “I don’t care what people think.” BUT you are always trying to do whatever it is that you think won’t make you look bad.” THE REALITY: You do care what others think – and that’s OK!

We all have something… what is yours?

Alice Inoue

Alice Inoue is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Happiness University. She is an expert life guide, and author of five nationally award-winning books on life wisdom, self-growth and happiness. She has two columns, one in MidWeek titled “A Mindful Moment,” and an award-winning column in the Sunday Star-Advertiser called “Go Ask Alice” that offers pertinent life guidance. Through Happiness U, she helps both companies and individuals develop positive mindsets in order to live more inspired in both their professional and private lives.

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