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My Workout… How Long/How Many

My Workout… How Long/How Many

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I was recently asked how many days a week I workout and for how long… I see lot’s of people who spend hours in the gym with no to little result. Sure if¬†you are a professional athlete you need time to train sports specific and that takes time. How ever the everyday man/woman does not need to be in the gym 2 hrs a day to stay fit. I love doing HIT training. High Intensity Interval Training. These are short workouts with bursts in them. An example would be 1 minute on and one minute resting. This really spikes your heart rate and burns massive amounts of fat. You get the after burn affect too. This means that you continue burning additional calories over the next 24 hrs after your work out. This is very affective in fat removal. So my workouts tend to be about 30-45 minutes long. The other piece I do is I don’t multi task while I”m working out. I see so many people on the phone while they are in the gym… Texting, FB, emails, etc… This is good way to ensure your workout time is NOT¬†maximized. And who want’s to do that. Not me! It’s go hard or go home for me!


So, create shorter more focussed workouts in the gym. Use the longer training times for when your at the beach riding your bike along the coast. Soak in the sun baby! And put your phone down and just be with your workout and the people around you. Trust me it can weight. In the famous words of “Arnold” get head in your muscles…

Drew Davidsen

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