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The immune system…

The immune system…



Our immune system is so important. Often times a health professional will take credit for curing someone when in fact the immune system really did the job. It’s all about our immune system. When we have a properly functioning immune system our body heals it self. So… how do we achieve this? One way is to keep our body alkaline. This is done by putting in a high nutrient dense green food diet. Eating super greens like, kale, collards, and broccoli. Also sea vegetation is so important too. Try adding in spiralina to your green smoothies. When you’re eating green you can’t go wrong! Also, cancer can’t survive in an alkaline body. Cancer feeds on sugar. Yes fruit has sugar and it’s fine to have. However, you would want to have 1,000 grapes at one meal! My request is that you eat/drink something green within 2o minutes of reading this blog! Your body will love you for it. Got a favorite green recipe? Share it here. This week I’m going to reveal one new green creation every day!



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Drew Davidsen

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