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FEEL LOVED Close your eyes and take yourself to a safe place. A place you love to be , a place that make you feel warm and secure, It can be the ocean, the mountains, in the arms of your man or women...

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September is Suicide Prevention Month

Last month I was filmed for a documentary coming out about Justin Fashanu, the british soccer star who took his own life in 1998. He was a close friend and we worked together in management and ownership of a pro soccer team. One minute we...

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exercise recovery

Exercise Recovery

Myths and Tips to Exercise Recovery You probably already know that alcohol and drug abuse changes brain chemistry overtime, which affects judgment, memory, emotional states and perception and that these side effects last long after the individual has stopped using the above substances. Although people tend to...

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Another GREEN day!

  Today was another awesome Green day. I started my day with a green drink and some vegan amino acids. Then I hit a leg workout. My green drink is easy to make because it's in a powder form. Lots of options to choose from. Reach...

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