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Finnish Study Finds That Egg Consumption Poses No Heart Risk

By Shara Rutberg, New Hope Network A recent study from Finland backs the U.S. government’s recent change of heart about eggs and dietary cholesterol. The results were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Earlier this year, the Agriculture and Health and Human Service’s Departments’ new...

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Yogurt Eaters Weigh Less

By Shara Rutberg, New Hope Network People who eat yogurt weigh less. They’ve got less body fat. And, their waists are tinier. Researchers aren't calling the stuff magic, but they did find that yogurt fans share these attributes. In a new review of 22 studies published in...

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Leonardo DiCaprio invests in natural beverage brand Runa

By Jenna Blumenfeld of New Hope Network Oscar-winning actor gifts shares to indigenous workers The socially and environmentally responsible energy beverage brand Runa already has the support of Hollywood A-Lister Channing Tatum. Now, the company can check off another celebrity who believes in Runa’s clean formulation and approach...

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The Sense of Using Scents to Season Food

The scent and captivating aromas we take in through our noses has a direct impact on our emotions, our appetite and sense of joy.  Walking into the lobby of the University of Maryland's Baltimore hospital and the lobby of one of my doctors in an...

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Burger Lounge — Hip and Healthy

*** One of Wellness 101's Favorite Places to Eat in 2016 *** One of our goals at Wellness 101 is to find better-for-you options for things that are popular but sometimes unhealthy. Hamburgers, french fries, onion rings and sodas usually fall into the "bad or very...

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